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Research, Development and Formation

Through collaboration with University Departments, Research Institutes, companies and end-users in Italy and abroad, we are continuously working on the development of new technological solutions for the environment, with innovative methodologies for the analysis of the technical and scientific aspects.

Through the experience gained from collaborating with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Trento the process controller OSCAR has been created, which is an integrated system of industrial automation and remote control for the optimization of wastewater treatment plants. OSCAR is now a complete solution that allows you to save up to 60% on electricity, increases the efficiency of processes of removal of nitrogen and phosphorus as well as automating the management of the sludge treatment line.

The continuous search for ever more efficient and advanced solutions in real-time signal processing and in the process of assistance in decision making, is the essential part of the on-going collaboration with the Department of Engineering of the University of Florence.

The long experience of conducting operations at pilot scale and laboratory allows us to plan, monitor and manage experimental facilities for the treatment of sewage and liquid waste, through appropriate tests for the characterization of wastewater and sludge using respirometry.

The collaboration with the DHI-Group (DK) and the software developers WEST for Design, WEST for Optimization and WEST for Automation, has helped Engineering ETC become one of the most advanced Italian centres of application of the IWA-ASM for the modelling of treatment processes within WEST.

The specialized training and postgraduate research carried out by our staff combined with their experience in design puts us in the position to even offer training courses and educational activities for qualified technicians and operational staff at the treatment plants.
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